About me

You are here because you want to find a qualified web artist to help you do something unique and wonderful.

What I will bring to your website are the eyes and hands of an artist. I see each opportunity as a purely unique canvas, and my talent is in adjusting design, coding behavior, and weaving style –  catering to each individual client, and always with the User-Interface in mind.

My passion:  combining creativity with digital media and human
connectivity.  I am fascinated by artificial intelligence.  The internet is the best thing ever; and I believe it was invented by, and for, cats.

Enough about me.

It is truly about the customer – whatever that means; a client, friend, coworker, boss, end-user.

My ideal is being part of a challenging, creative team, I excel in a
productive and collaborative environment. 

Although a sole-proprietorship, my business EmPress Web Design and Consultation utilizes a collaborative team for many projects.

I am available for contracts, or to build and/or maintain your small business or organizational WordPress website. I work with many non-profits and I have a reduced rate for those who qualify.

What you do off the job is the determining factor in how far you will go on the job.
Zig Ziglar

Thank you in advance, Judith Card